Refund Policy

Alchemist of Avalon LLC will refund or return products that:

  • Are damaged in transit, given that Alchemist of Avalon is provided with an image of the damage via email within 7 days of the delivery date;
  • Do not arrive, provided that the shipment is more than 5 business days late OR is declared lost by the carrier and can't be found during a package trace;
  • Are not the same items as the order specifies;
  • Are determined to not meet the product specifications on our website, per review by Alchemist Of Avalon.

Alchemist of Avalon will process returns, exchanges, or refunds on products for other reasons at its sole discretion.

Please note that custom orders are non-refundable with the exception of damaged packages or lost packages that have been missing greater than 10 days. Please give two weeks of leeway when setting your delivery dates in the custom order form.